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Storm Damage Restoration

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An unexpected tornado can bring wind and hail damage. Ice damming and wind damage can happen due to a wintry blizzard. Mother Nature unleashes powerful weather patterns in an instant, leaving substantial storm damage to your home or business. When this happens, we are there to help. As a reputable storm restoration contractor, we work with you and repair your damage fast, making your home safe and secure again. Let us help you with the damage Mother Nature inflicts upon your home or business.

Our Process

We are well versed in insurance claims and know how the process works. Through this process, we will provide you with the following

  • Meet with your adjuster. We take correct measurements and ensure all damages are accounted for.
  • Provide you with a detailed estimated cost of repairs
  • Explain the insurance process to you and help you through the process reducing your stress and worries
  • Once we have an agreed scope of work, we begin the repair process

We've Got Answers

Storm Damage Restoration FAQ's

The only person that can enter into any agreement for your home is you, the homeowner. You have a contract with the Insurance company (your policy) which stipulates the coverage that applies to your loss. Your policy usually directs your carrier to make payments to you, the homeowner. We work for you, however, not the insurance company. Our work authorization contract gives ReNew Roofing LLC  your permission to proceed with storm restoration repairs as indicated in your claim. We act in your best interest to agree upon the scope of work that will restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Adjusters usually miss several items during their inspection. Even if we point out these item to them during the inspection, they will still leave them off their estimate, either accidentally due to inexperience, or purposely to try and lower their payout.They might even tell you that they don’t owe to pay for certain thing due to their internal company policy. This is unfair to you, and that is why you hire a reputable contractor to make sure all appropriate damages are accounted for. It is the adjusters job to determine coverage, it is the contractors job to determine what’s damage, the proper method for repairing the damages, and their cost do complete those repairs.

The only money that a homeowner can legally pocket from an insurance claim is the ACV portion of work that the hired contractor has provided written confirmation that the company will not be handling. Examples of those instances might be the replacement of a screen or the installation of a trim piece. If the contractor has not provided written confirmation that certain work  will not be performed, then it is understood that the contractor will be completing all of the work, per the contract agreement.

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